Silicon Edge, “B2B Leads” is the buzzword in the B2B market. A B2B lead is a person or an organization that can be your potential buyers in the future. Lead generation is a crucial step and a tricky task for marketers. Sometimes, it takes too much time for marketers to get a grip on lead generation.

Each of your leads expresses their interests in different ways. Most of the time, they show interest through engaging in some aspects of your business. Based on the behavior of each lead, you can categorize them.

Sound knowledge about B2B lead is an additional point to develop some market frameworks to success.

Types of B2B Leads


Information Qualified Leads

Information qualified leads are the first leads. They provide their name, contact information to access the downloadable information like market reports, e-books, and whitepapers published on your websites. They stand at the top of the funnel, and they must not have a clear idea about your brand. Moreover, these leads are researching more about the services or product to purchase it. Engaging with these leads would be a wise choice for you to educate them about your service. Constant email follow-ups and sending newsletters enable you to build brand loyalty and share the latest information about your company.

Marketing Accepted Leads

As the term says, these are the leads that are examined and accepted by your marketers. These are qualified leads and can be the potential prospect of your business. Lead nurturing would enable you to turn these leads into your potential prospects. It is the process of building trust and a long-lasting relationship with your leads through communication with them.

Marketing Qualified Leads

The process of converting the IQL and MAL into potential prospects ends here. Through the process of lead nurturing, you are trying to convince your leads about the service and developing trust among them.

If your lead tried to contact you to get additional information about your service or product is a good sign. It shows that your leads soon to be your potential prospects. At this point, you can offer them customized discounts, promotion codes, other perks to show that they are exceptional for your business.

Sales Qualified Leads

Once your leads are ready to go ahead with your service or product, the time is here to forward it to the sales team. A quick and straight-forward response from the sales team enables the conversion of leads into potential prospects.

Keep in mind that many marketers like you are reaching your leads every day. Constant following up or convincing them that they are significant for your business would keep them to stay with you. It involves constant communication and satisfying their needs.

Connect with the Leads

All these steps of lead generation begin from connecting with the leads. Silicon Edge enables you to connect with the right audiences to get more sales qualified leads. Rather than ensuring a comprehensive email list, we promise you to lead generation service too. Boost your marketing and sales activity faster and effectively with the assistance of the Silicon Edge team.

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