Do you need a B2B email list that is industry-specific?

Do you need to further refine it according to sub industry or based on NAICS or NACE code?

Whatever your requirements for building a dependable email list, our team of experts at Silicon Edge, drawing on years of market insight and strategic knowledge can provide you data that actually delivers results. No more dud contacts, expired mail ids, lists filled with emails ids from web-based providers or error-filled contacts. Instead, you will have up-to-date, clean, official email ids of customers who want to hear from you.

You can target any industry and we will build a list includes key decision makers perfectly matching to your targeted industry. By targeting the managers and executives, within the industries of interest, you’ll be able to effectively and efficiently close sales and boost profits.

Customize your List by below selects

industry-specifics Industry Specifics

company-value Company Value & Size

geographic-locations Geographic Locations

job-titles Job Titles/ Functions

technology-tracking Technology Tracking

executive-levels Executive Levels

Target your ideal Industry Sector

  • Accountant Email List
  • Advertising Agencies Mailing List
  • Architect Mailing List
  • Construction Companies Email Addresses
  • Construction Industry Email List
  • Contractors Mailing List
  • Education Mailing List
  • Food and Beverage Mailing List
  • Insurance Mailing List
  • Interior Designer Email List
  • Lawyers Email List
  • Manufacturing Companies Email Address
  • Manufacturing Industry Email List
  • Medical Mailing List
  • Trucking Companies Email List
  • K-12 Email List
  • Church Email List
  • Plumbers Email List
  • Casino Email List
  • Catering Services Database
  • Family Offices Database
  • Mining Industry Mailing List
  • Oil and Gas Companies Email List
  • Pharmaceutical Companies Mailing List
  • Pharmaceutical Mailing Lists
  • Real Estate Email List
  • Retail Industry Email List
  • Telecommunications Email List
  • Transportation Industry Mailing List
  • Utilities Industry Mailing List
  • Wholesale Industry Email List
  • Automotive Mailing Lists
  • Elementary Schools Email List
  • Furniture Manufacturers Email List
  • Builders Email List
  • Manufacturing Email List
  • High School Email List
  • Life Insurance Mailing List
  • Mortgage Brokers Email List
  • Fire Department Email List
  • Gas Stations Email Database
  • Golf Course Email List
  • Financial Services Email List
  • Hotel Mailing List
  • Insurance Agent Email Database
  • Library Email List
  • Mortgage Consultants Email List
  • Paper Products Manufacturers Email List
  • Realtor Mailing List
  • Restaurant Email Contact List
  • School Administrator Email List
  • School Email Lists
  • Travel Agents Email List
  • Travel and Tourism Email List
  • Wine Industry Email List
  • Electronic Industry Mailing List
  • Medical Device Manufacturers Email List
  • Media Industry Mailing List
  • Cement Industry Mailing List
  • Government Mailing List
  • Oil and Gas Mailing List
  • Resorts Email List
  • Wineries Email List

 Additional selections available for targeting the most effective business list for your needs include:

  • The specific types of businesses you want to reach.
  • The SIC/NAICS/NACE Codes for each type of business in your target market.
  • The annual sales volume of each company on your list.
  • The specific geographical area (i.e. zip code, county, state) you request.
  • The option of specifying Headquarters, Branches, Single site or all types of locations.

By targeting business lists to your specific needs, you save precious time prospectings lists to your specific needs, you save precious time prospecting.

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